Uniform Requirement

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Uniforms Ordering
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Uniform Policy & Dress Code
In order to create a consistent and safe environment free of distractions, the school has developed a Dress Code and supporting Uniform Policy.  It is the belief of the school administration and staff that students who come to school dressed properly will achieve higher academically and conduct themselves more appropriately while at school.  This belief is supported by extensive research on the positive effect of school uniforms on student learning and behavior and is also stated in our approved charter.  Therefore, Imagine at Plantation enforces a mandatory uniform policy for all students.   The school uniform consists of the following:

  • Imagine Charter School collared shirts, tucked in
  • Elementary K-5 colors (choice of royal blue, red, pink or rugby design)
  • Middle School (6th grade) colors (choice of black, teal or purple)
  • Khaki or Navy bottoms, including pants, shorts, capris or skorts. No cargo pants or jeans.  Uniforms, shirts must be purchased from In-Unison. Belts are mandated, or bottoms with built in elastic waistband.  Shirts MUST be tucked in at all times.
  • Uniforms may not have holes or tears in them. We expect clean attire uniform and proper hygiene.
  • Solid colored socks must be worn. Closed-toe & back shoes or sneakers only.
  • Solid black, navy or white tights or leggings are permitted on cold weather days only.
  • No Boots or Uggs will be permitted at all, even on cold weather days.

In addition, students must keep their hair neat and out of their eyes. No “fad” haircuts or designs in hair.  No “Mohawks” or colors in hair. Students are not permitted to wear hair or makeup in a fashion that is a distraction to the learning environment.  Blue jeans are not a part of the school uniform; however, will be permitted on Fridays with current year’s school spirit shirt and other days as determined. Boys are not permitted to wear earrings unless for religious reasons only.

On cold weather days, the uniform policy is still in effect.  Cold weather uniforms are available from In-Unison including long pants, long sleeve shirts, jackets and sweatshirts.

If jackets are not purchased from In-Unison, student MUST wear a non-logo navy blue, jacket, sweatshirt only.

To ensure continuity of uniforms and to ensure proper length and appropriate fit of bottoms, all uniform tops and bottoms must be purchased through the school’s authorized provider:

In Unison School Apparel
4747 Nob Hill Road Suite #8
Sunrise, FL
954 749 3340
or visit their website www.inunisonkids.com

Non-Compliance with Uniform Policy
All students must come to school wearing the approved uniform.  Non-compliance of the policy will result in a phone call home and a parent/guardian will need to come to school with proper attire for student to wear.

Please assist the school in maintaining an environment that is conducive to learning by adhering to the student dress code and uniform policy.